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Content January 2016

Content 2016
+ January 2016

Vol.13, No.1, January, 2016


Association of Glutathione S-Transferase M1 and T1 Polymorphisms with Severe Oligozoospermia
Elahe Fatahi , Kyumars Safinejad and Mohammadreza Mehrabi

Effect of Maltodextrin and Wheat Fiber on Viability of Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei and physicochemical Properties of Probiotic Free-fat Stirred-type Yoghurt
Seyed Reza Hosseini, Rezvan Pourahmad  and Peiman Rajaei

Gait analysis of 7-10-year-old children of Karachi from nutritional-status perspective
Syed Arif Kamal, M. Khalid Rajput and Shakeel Ahmed Ansari

Population dynamics and control of plant-parasitic nematodes associated with pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Seedlings in Balochistan, Pakistan
Aly Khan, Khalil A. Khanzada, S. Shahid Shaukat, Nasreen Sultana and Nasira Khatoon

Pathogenic fungi associated with date palm trees in Turbat, Balochistan
Irshad Ahmed, Muhammad Abid, Faisal Hussain, Syed Qaisar Abbas and Toqeer Ahmed Rao

Hymenolepis jonesae n.sp. (Cestoda) in common teal (Anas crecca Linn.) from Sindh, Pakistan
Rafia R. Ghazi, Aly Khan, Noor-un-Nisa, Rajab Ali and Rana Hadi

Taxonomic study on ladybird beetle (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) fauna of Tando Jam, Sindh
Raheem Bux Mashori, Imran Khatri, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Nazeer Ahmed Panhwar and Zubair Ahmed

Distribution of epizoic cyanobacteria on Molluscan species occurring at a rocky shore (Buleji), Karachi. Pakistan
Azra Bano and  Pirzada. J. A. Siddiqui

Influence of sowing time on cotton growth, yield and fiber quality
Rafi Qamar, Atique-Ur-Rehman, Hafiz Muhammad Rashad Javeed, Muhammad Saqib,  Muhammad Shoaib, Amjed Ali and Mazhar Ali

Agro-economic evaluation of different fertility sources for maize- wheat cropping system under rainfed conditions of Pakistan
Rashid Saleem, Zammurad Iqbal Ahmed, Ashiq Saleem,  M Ali Khan and Husnain Shah

Effects of various cropping systems and different fertility sources on subsequent wheat crop
Rashid Saleem, Ashiq Saleem Muhammad Shafiq Zahid, Muhammad Ashraf and Muhammad Abbas Anees

Impact of different fertility sources and intercropping on productivity of black gram
Rashid Saleem, Zammurad Iqbal Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf, Muhammad Abbas Anees and Habib Iqbal Javed

Assessment of elite wheat genotypes for heat stress on the basis of yield contributing traits
Munaiza Baloch, Abdul Wahid Baloch, Zubair Ahmed Shaikh, Samia Arain, Muhammad Jurial Baloch, Muhammad Azeem Asad, Gul Muhammad Baloch, M. Ali3 and Abdul Majeed Baloch

Evaluation of exotic bread wheat genotypes for yield and its associated traits
Abdul Wahid Baloch, Munaiza Baloch, Muhammad Jurial Baloch, Rameez Ahmed Kandhro, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Naila Gandahi, Gul Muhammad Baloch, Irfan Ahmed Baloch, M. Ali and Abdul Majeed Baloch

Study of heterosis and heterobeltiosis in upland cotton
Abdul Wahab Soomro, Faiz Hussain Panhwar, Abdul Razzaque Channa, Muhammad Zahir Ahsan, Muhammad Saffar Majidano and Karim Bukhsh Sial

Variation in brood- and seed-size and seed packaging cost in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) De Wit from Karachi
D. Khan,  Afsar uddin and M. Javed Zaki

Histopathological changes in the intestine and stomach induced by nematode parasite in catfish, arius arius (Hamilton, 1822) from Karachi coast
Abdul Sattar, Nasira Khatoon, Aly Khan and F. M. Bilqees

Evaluation of enzymatic activities and degradation abilities of antagonistic microorganisms associated with compost
Nadia Ramzan, Nayara Noreen, Zahida Perveen and Saleem Shahzad

Root-rot root-knot disease complex of vegetables in Karachi region and their non-chemical control
Farzana, Muhammad Abid and Faisal Hussain

Assessment of human exposure to traffic borne problems in Karachi
Salman Zubair, S. Shahid Shaukat, Lubna Ghazal and Jamil Hasan Kazmi







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