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Content January 2018

Content 2018
+ January 2018

Vol.14, No.1, January, 2018


Adipocytokines in blood pressure variations and hypertension: An overview
Abdulhalim Salim Serafi

Effect of Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on some of the physiochemical changes in boys with moderate ADHD symptoms
Adel Ahmed Alshehri,Mamdouh H. Kalakatawi,Gisela H. Maia, Sumera Sohail, Hani Faidah,Dina M. Qahwaji,Huma Zahir, Abdulhalim S. Serafi and Zahir Hussain

Assessment of heart function tests in grand multiparity pregnant Sudanese women
Kamal Eldin Ahmed Abdelsalam

PCR based gene identification of lux operon in luminescent Vibrio chagasii isolated from Karachi Coast
Uzma Badar, Erum Shoeb, Jameela Akhtar, Komal Daredia, Aribah Naz, Safia Bano and Obaid Y Khan

A Comparative Docking Analysis for the Virtual Screening of Interleukin-2 Inhibitors
Sobia Ahsan Halim, Zaheer-ul-Haq and Sauleha Khan

Development of ELISA and its comparison with other diagnostic tests for Avian Mycoplasmosis
Faiz Muhammad, Jehan Alam, Johar Hussain, Syed Khurram Fareed, Urooj Zafar, Shakeel Ahmed Khan and Aqeel Ahmad

A randomized controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of manual traction on pain and range of motion in cervical radiculopathy
Kanwal Khan, Samreen Yasmeen, Farhan Ishaque, Ferkhanda Imdad, Saeed Ahmed Shaikh, Umair Nawaz, Irfan Ali Bozdar and Ambreen Shahzad

Comparative evaluation of hypoglycemic activity, trace mineral and phytochemical contents of some potential medicinal plant extracts
Hina A. Mudassir, Kanwal Nazim, Uzair Ahmed Khan and Shamim A. Qureshi

Effect of different amounts of sugar and fat on the viability of Lactobacillus casei, Physical, Chemical and Sensory properties of probiotic Ice Cream
Azita Shahsavan, Rezvan Pourahmad and Peyman Rajaei

Foliar ornamentation of serpentine sunflower (Helianthus bolanderi A. Gray; Family Asteraceae)
D. Khan, S. Shahid Shaukat and M. Javed Zaki              

Surface microstructure of leaf of Capparis cartilaginea Decaisne (family Capparaceae)
D. Khan, S. Shahid Shaukat, M. Javed Zaki and S. Viqar Ali                                   

Trichomes diversity in family Solanaceae from Muzaffarabad Division, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
Ashfaq Ahmed Awan and Ghulam Murtaza

Influence of disturbance on the demographic patterns of Gynandropsis gynandra – a comparative study
Sylvia Sabir and Seemi Aziz

Isolation, identification and control of mycoflora associated with paddy
Urooj Rehman, Marium Tariq, Shahnaz Dawarand Zamin Shaheed Siddiqui

Toxicity of selected medicinal plants extracts against rice weevils
Tariq Javed, M. Farhanullah Khan, Habiballah Rana, Hina Qasim, M. Faheem Akbar, Jahangir Khan Achakzai, M. Sohail Khan, S. Naveed Ahmed Hashmi and M. Imran

Evaluation of some fungicides for the control of early blight disease (Alternaria solani) of tomato
Hina Zafar and S. Shahid Shaukat

Depletion in the biotic potential of Spodoptera litutra (Fab.), under the effects of transgenic and conventional cotton varieties"
Qurban Ali Arain, Muhammad Farhanullah Khan, Habibullah Rana, Amjad Sultan and Hakim Ali Sahito

Drinking water quality and possibility of water borne diseases in village Khillah, Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
Nuzhat Shafi, Maryam Bibi, Saba Khalid, Tasleem Akhtar and Abdul Rauf

Comparative study of crop estimation techniques: a case study of district Bhakkar
Nasir Jamal, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Naveed Tahir and Asim Gulzar

New report of Tutufa bardeyi (Jousseaume, 1881) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Jiwani coast, Pakistan
Abdul Ghani, Nuzhat Afsar and Shees Qadir

Two new additions to the avifauna of Pakistan
Muhammad Moazzam, Rab Nawaz, Amna Riaz, Saeedul Islam, Saba Ayub and Umair Shahid

Review of stone fishes of family Synanceidae from Pakistan with a new record of Synanceia nana   Eschmeyer and Rama-Rao, 1973
Hamid Badar Osmany and Muhammad Moazzam

Bioactivity and Conformational study of Novel Glycol Azo derivatives
Hamdullah Khadim Sheikh, Tanzila Arshad, Mehdi Hassan Kazmi, Sadia Ferheen, Tehmina Sohail and Mehreen Lateef






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