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Content July 2018

Content 2018
+ July 2018


Vol.15, No.3, July, 2018


Differential expression of vitamin D binding protein in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
Khalida Iqbal, Ayesha Khan and Nikhat Ahmed

Concurrent production of biosurfactant and enzyme protease by bacteria and estimation of apple pomace waste for low-cost production
Faiza A. Ansari, Bashir Ahmed, Erum Shoeb, Jameela Akhtar, Fouad M. Qureshi and Obaid Y. Khan

Purification and characterization of a thermostable haloalkaline ethanol resistant cellulase from Bacillus licheniformis S16
Syeda Mariam Siddiqa, Mehwish Kalam, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Syed Abid Ali Hashmi and Mustafa Kamal

Evaluation of adhesive properties of Lactobacillus species in term of hydrophobicity, auto-aggregation and co-aggregation isolated from chickens
Zulfiqar Ahmed, Ayaz Ahmed and Taseer Ahmed Khan

Genetic diversity in mitochondrial DNA control region among sub‑ethnic groups of Punjabi population from Pakistan
Abida Iqbal Ansari, Obaid Y. Khan and Maqsood Ali Ansari

The feasibility of manufacturing vegetable ice cream using sesame and hempseed milks flavored with cacao and coffee
Leila Nateghi, Mahshid rezaei,  Zahra Jafarian and Niloufar Ghofrani

Effect of different concentrations of peach, cherry, and kiwi marmalade on some physicochemical properties of fruit yoghurt during storage
Leila Nateghi, Mahshid rezaei, Zahra Jafarian and Morvarid Yousefi,

Antioxidant properties and phenolic composition of coastal halophytes commonly used as medicine
Saba Nazir, Muhammad Qasim, Bilquees Gul and M. Ajmal Khan

Antioxidant activity of azo glycol derivative and their Cu coordinates
Hamdullah Khadim Sheikh, Merrick Pierson-Smela, Tanzila Arshad, Mehdi Hassan Kazmi, Sadia Farheen and Mehreen Lateef

Variation in pod-, brood- and seed-sizs and seed packaging cost in Vachellia nilotica ssp. indica (Benth.) Kyal. & Boatwr. from Nauraja, Kacche Jo Ilaiqo, Sindh, Pakistan
D. Khan , Zulfiqar Ali Sahito and M. Javed Zaki

Light and salinity influence seed germination responses of Cyperus conglomeratus Rottb. under both saline and non-saline conditions
Shahjehan Jeelani, Abdul Hameed, Bilquees Gul and M. Ajmal Khan

Salt accumulation under Buried Diffuser VS. Drip Irrigation methods of netting greenhouse tomatoes cultivation in Qatar
Masoud. J. Al–marri, Osman A. Elsharief Abdalla, Mohammed Al-Masri, Khairu Ezniga and Mohammed I. Abubaker

Screening of various grasses against moisture stress under rainfed environment of Fateh Jang
Muhammad Imran Akram, Muhammad Rashid, Rahina Kausar, Saad Javed2, Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary, Obaid-ur-Rehman, Ayesha Malik and Hassan Mahmood

Assessment of transformation of urban green spaces and agriculture land in Karachi: a case study of Gutter Bagheecha in and its surrounding areas
Lubna Ghazal, Salman Zubair,  Jamil. H. Kazmi and Hameeda Ghani

Effect of Tichoderma harzianum and dry leaves of Acacia nilotica subsp. indica on growth of mash bean in Macrophomina phaseolina contaminated soil
Arshad Javaid, Ammara Kanwal and Amna Shoaib

Study on spawning frequency of Cyprinus carpio with respect to gonado somatic index
Bilqees Fatima Memon   and Muhammad Shoaib

Induced toxic effect of lead acetate on haematology of rock pigeon (Columba livia)
Muhammad Umair Ali Khan, Karim Gabol and Nikhat Yasmin Siddiqui

Parasitism of Acerophagus papayae a pasitoid of Papaya mealybug on alternate host plant, Abutilon sp. in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
Fatima Hasan, Seema Tahir, Imam Din, Muhammad Sami Ullah Channa and Tahir Anwar

Stomach content analysis of Spadenose shark (Scoliodon laticaudus) Muller & Henle (1838)  from the coast of Pakistan
Hamid Badar Osmany, Hina Manzoor and Kashifa Zohra

A report of occurrence of gonad infecting nematode Philometra (Costa, 1845) in host Priacanthus sp. from Pakistan
Muhammad Ali and Nuzhat Afsar

On a new trematode Episthmium daleri n.sp. (Echinostomahdae: Echinostominae) from a bird host, snipe (Gallinago stenura l.) in Sindh, Pakistan
Aly Khan, R.R. Ghazi, Noor-un-Nisa, N. Das Sanjota and N. Khatoon

Occurrence of the Salp Pegea confoederata (Thaliacea: Salpidae) in Pakistani waters
Shahnawaz Gul and Shahnaz Jahangir

Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers in different cancer types in Pakistani population
Madiha Rehman, Arshia Tabassum and Tabassum Mahboob

Detection of parasites and Lead contamination in the four families of fish caught from the Arabian Sea belt of Indian Ocean
Adil Shehzad and Maqsood Ali Ansari






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