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Abstract October 2016

Abstract 2016
+ Abstract October 2016



Obituary – Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Maqbool

Effects of peroxisomes proliferator activated receptor Gamma agonist on oxidative stress biomarkers and insulin resistance in high fat diet induced obesity
Arshia Tabassum and Tabassum Mahboob

An economical and energy saving approach for Amylase production from Bacillus sp. MTZ-1 by submerged fermentation under static conditions: Application and antimicrobial potential of crude preparations
Zainab Sajid, Maryam Shafique, Sehar Afshan Naz and Nusrat Jabeen

Detection of GM contamination in IRRI-6 variety of rice (Oryza sativa L.) grown in Pakistan
Huma Rao, Naheed Kauser, Ameer Ahmed Mirbahar, Syeda Kahkashan Kazmi, Saifullah Khan and Sajjad A. Rao

Analgesic effects and HPLC analysis of Cleome africana Botsch. extracts
Muhammad F. Abd El-Wahab, Mohamoud M.E. Mudawi, Nudrat Fatima and Abdullah Naif Alshammari

Leaf architecture, ornamentation and estimation of  lamina area in Myrtus communis L. (Myrtaceae)
D. Khan, M. Javed Zaki and Afsheen Khan

Feeding habits of Jarbua terapon, Terapon jarbua (Family Teraponidae) Forsskal,  from the coast of Pakistan
Hamid Badar Osmany and Syeda Kashifa Zohra

Evaluation of maize varieties based on antioxidant system in response to drought stress
Ahmad Nawaz Khan, Samran Durrani, Muhammad Daud Khan, Abdullah Jalal and Nisar Ahmad

Performance of some wheat varieties on the basis of yield and yield contributing characters
Saeed K. Kaleri, Arshad A. Kaleri, Abdul Wahid Baloch, S.Y. Rajput , N.F. Veesar, Haling Ning, Tanweer Fatah Abro, Sajid H. Kaleri and Mohsin Khan

Genetic architecture of various morphological characters in pearl millet
Muhammad Irshad-ul-Haq, Muhammad Siddique, Saeeda Khanum, Naveed Kamal and Muhammad Hussain Chaudhary

Toxicity of nitenpyram and neem leaf extract against earthworm
Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Farhanullah Khan, Muhammad Faheem and Habiballah Rana

Prevalence and detection of fungi associated with post-harvest rots of banana in Karachi
M. Talha Azeem, Saleem Shahzad and Nasreen Sultana

New fungal records on Bombax ceiba L. from Pakistan. II.
Syed Qaiser Abbas, Humaira Noureen, Alia Abbas, Tehreema Iftikhar and Mubashir Niaz

A new species of Acheta F., A. khanpurensis (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) with special reference to its tegmen and male genitalia from Khanpur, Panjab, Pakistan
Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmed

Epistmium sindhensis sp. n., (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) from the bird Egretta garzetta (Little egret) in Sindh, Pakistan
N. Das Sanjota, S. Bushra, R.R. Ghazi and Aly Khan

First record of occurrence of bighead goby (ego zebra) from Pakistan
Muhammad Moazzam and Hamid Badar Osmany

First record of occurrence of the Opisthobranch Kalinga ornata Alder and Hancock, 1864 from the coast of Pakistan
Muhammad Moazzam, Naseem Moazzam and Hamid Badar Osmany

Hawk moths (Sphingidae) of Tando Jam, Pakistan
Nazeer Ahmed Panhwar, Imran Khatri, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani and Raheem Bux Mashori

Abundance of fresh water zooplankton with physico-chemical parameters in Hill Park lake, Karachi, Pakistan
Shahina Rao, Hira Rasheed and Syed Hamid Hasany

An analysis on growth of scales in Platycephalus indicus L.
Musarrat-ul-Ain and Rehana Yasmeen Farooq

Termicide activity of seed extract/oils from Schinus molle Linn. against subterranean termites under laboratory conditions
Mureed Abbas, Babar Hassan, Sohail Ahmed and Muhammad Shahid Nisar

Portulaca olaracea L.: A mini review on Phytpchemistry and pharmacology
Shazia Syed, Nudrat Fatima and Ghazala Kabeer

Effect of 2, 4-d herbicide on the stomatal characteristics of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Saima Ashraf and Ghulam Murtaza

Growth-and-obesity vector-roadmaps of the Pakistani children
Syed Arif Kamal, Ashfaq Ali Naz and Shakeel Ahmed Ansari

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from some cultivated plants of Sindh, Pakistan
Abdul Rauf, D. Khan and M. Javed Zaki




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